This course introduced and required a strict formula to implement when writing papers. The thesis sentences in the opening and closing paragraphs needed to be explicitly similar. Another requirement being topic sentences which clearly state the idea(s) of each paragraph. This formula has helped me be more direct in my writing. This has been a work in progress all semester long and I believe I have come a long way in terms of learning to utilize this method; as time has passed I have realized its value and have gone on to apply it to my papers in other classes. My adherence to this structure is shown from essay to essay and even from draft to draft. By keeping in mind professor Walker’s comments on previous essays I was aided in writing the next paper. These comments are also provided as evidence in the comment portion of the ‘process’ page.

Arguably, writing is an art. As many artists find it difficult to ever see their work as ‘done’—the word “process” is accurate on many levels. A requirement of this course was three drafts of each essay before turning in a final draft. As a writer I was forced to see where I went off on a tangent; which lines were imperative and which were unnecessary in respect to helping prove my point. This course really taught me how to tailor my writing toward an academic audience and the importance of doing so. In order to write to an academic audience, I learned it is best to keep my writing direct and focused.

Another aspect of this course was public speaking. This is something that admittedly, I do not enjoy especially in the classroom. But as the semester progressed I came to wonder why I so detested it as I grew more comfortable. It took a while to realize I had to speak in a way that was not too excessively colloquial in order to be taken seriously. This progress can really only be attributed to the practice I got through exposure. Group Led Discussions offered a setting in which all students could voice their opinions whether they were presenting or not. Through these presentations I was able to become more effective in articulating my thoughts aloud, encouraged by the dynamic of these presentations which was not intimidating and the classroom atmosphere as a whole respected all opinions.

4 Responses to Process

  1. annefwalker says:

    Hi Isabel,

    Good work so far in this semester:

    • I am able to see your wordpress page and it looks good
    • I am able to see your in-class diagnostic
    • I am not able to see your revised diagnostic, and thus can not give you an assessment
    • Do note that all wordpress pages are public unless you make it private. If you choose to make it private, do make sure that I am still able to access it

    If you would like further comments please do find me during office hours.

    I have uploaded the prompt for essay one. We will discuss it, and start work on it, in class this week. The prompt is at both and The page is where I will archive all uploaded documents for this class, including the AWPE scoring guide which I used in assessing your diagnostic. The page will focus on the most current-use documents, including a weekly lesson plan including homework.

    I suggest you to read the entirety of In Cold Blood before we are scheduled to complete it in class. This suggestion is so that you can start writing into your essay with enough time to go through several edits on the completed paper.

    I look forward to working with you through this semester.



  2. annefwalker says:

    Essay 1: In Cold Blood: Perspective and primary source material

    Please load your final essay in pdf format.

    You have one draft in the process section of your portfolio. You need to have three. You need to upload your final essay in the craft section.

    In your collaboration section you also noted the students on whose work you blogged for one film. Please complete this aspect of every blogging assignment.

    Please do come to see me in office hours if you would like additional feedback.



  3. annefwalker says:

    Good work. You handed in Essay 1 at a length of roughly 1000 words. You used the pdf format and I can see three drafts in the process section of your portfolio.

    In your collaboration section you also noted the students on whose work you blogged.Good work.

    Your final included some critical thinking on “perspective” on the topic of:
    • character analysis

    The final essay you hand in will include the following formal components:
    • introduction and conclusion paragraphs that include the main points of your essay and strong thesis sentences
    o keep moving toward this
    • thesis sentences which relay the same information, though in different syntax
    o these need to sync up, you want them to be explicitly similar
    o keep working toward clarity in these sentences
    • topic sentences which describe the main points of their paragraphs
    o good, keep thinking about these as ways to direct your reader along your thoughts
    o keep thinking about how to strengthen and clarify these sentences
    o keep working toward clear and direct language. Where your ideas are complex, simple expression of them often serves best to make those ideas intelligible
    • clear language conveying your thoughts directly
    o keep working at the paramedic method, and with handouts and peer editing, you will improve through line-editing we will practice in class
    o focus on trimming repetitions from your language, then expanding it by increased specificity
    • MLA formatting (please see
    o good
    o make sure page header is in same font as essay
    • at least six primary source quotations
    o good
    • sources notated via in-text citations and a works cited list, both in MLA format (please see and You can look to the bar on the left side of these pages for additional detail on each topic
    o all good

    Your grade for essay 1 is: B/B+

    As technical difficulties where at the root of my receiving many essays late this time there is no grade deduction. For the next essay there will be a grade reduction if your essay is not posted in pdf format in your craft section before class on March 12.

    Please do let me remind you that each essay needs three rough drafts in your process section, and one final in your craft section. All materials in your portfolio need to be in pdf format. If you have any in any other format please change them to pdf.

    Your ideas are strong. Let them develop more, and keep working on syntax so that the language carries the full freight of your ideas.

    Please do come to see me in office hours if you would like additional feedback.



  4. annefwalker says:

    Response to essay two:

    As stated on page five of your syllabus: “grades will be handed back within two weeks of any assignment’s hand-in date. There will be three written evaluations that will examine your progress through the semester.” The first in-depth written evaluation included comments on your webpage creation and assessment. The second included detailed feedback on essay one, as well as other pertinent class participation. Your next detailed written evaluation will include comments your next essay.

    In class we went over all elements this essay required carefully, engaging in workshops and peer editing around each point mentioned in the rubric. Your grade for this essay is B+. If you would like more specific comments, please do come by office hours. Making an appointment will ensure that there is time set aside for you on the day you would like to come in.



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